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I still love my gentle, slow life. After being ill for so long and lockdowns I thought I would have craved my previously busy lifestyle but that's a big fat no. I have found retirement suits, I'm lucky to have my van and get so much joy from heading out with my camera. A few weeks ago I spent a couple of hours just parked at our village church using it as hide to watch the birds and squirrels 😁 know that diary will fill up soon so enjoy this break and I look forward to your future content x

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I think I'd like dull for a bit! 🙂 But I know what you mean, I'd also be itching to fill empty time with stuff.

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Hi Andrew, just a short one today. Mum was rushed to hospital last Friday and it looked like we would lose her. She's still with us, just! Hope you're enjoying the rest even though you're off again soon back to the mainland. They will miss you at the Nec and I bet there'll be loads asking where you are!! I have a ticket but probably won't go, we're taking each day as it comes! Take care, I'll try and watch the live this Sunday but if not, catch you another time. Sending love and hugs to the three of you! xxx

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